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TIBCO Rendezvous monitoring tool.

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Welcome to RvSnoop

RvSnoop is a graphical application that provides developers and operations support personnel with a sophisticated and feature-rich interface for tracing TIBCO Rendezvous messages. RvSnoop is cross platform and will run anywhere there is a suitable Java virtual machine.

Download a Binary

The links above are for the source code, but you can download a pre-built binary of a recent version from here.

Building from Source

RvSnoop is built with Ant, just run ant from the root directory.

All of the open-source dependencies are already included in the lib directory so there is nothing to worry about there.

The TIBCO proprietary dependencies are expected to be in the standard /opt/tibco location, if they are not then you may create a file with alternate paths, look at the init target in build.xml for information about how to set this up.